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Professional Focus

At Tetelestai Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd we offer dedicated professional focus on Refrigeration and Airconditioning Central Plant Facilities and Equipment across all industries where it matters most.

We Design, Install, Commission and Maintain the Operation, Service and Repairs on all Central Plant Systems, Networks, Equipment and Makes.

From our door step we deliver Central Plant Systems Optimisation and Automation ranging from Mechanical, Electronics, Building Management Systems, Controllers, Electrical and Instrumentation.

We pride ourselves in our understanding, adherence to and implementation of safety, legal aspects and requirements of Pressure Vessel Regulations (PER) July 2009 No 85 of 1993 associated with refrigeration and airconditioning plants as per SANS 10147 and  SANS 10142, OHS Act, Hazardous Categories, International Code Of Practice (where applicable), ANY other prevailing and applicable standards as required and as amended from time to time.

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Registered with SAQCC-GAS and SARACCA as Authorised Refrigeration Practitioners and Category C Inspectors we provide services to Issue Certificates Of Conformance (C.O.Cs) to Conforming Facilities and Compliance Solutions to Non Compliant Facilities.

Our training, skills and experience informs our competency to render exceptional Indoor Air and Water Quality solution services governed by latest and strict Environmental Health Standards, Practices and Compliance within the facilities space to support and promote the good health of both Occupants and Equipment for Productivity and Functional Efficiency respectively.

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Our Training Centre

We run a Training Centre for Comprehensive short courses on Refrigeration and Airconditioning Central Plants e.g. Chiller Plants, Equipment and Services etc, which supports the national initiative of scarce skills development. Our Hard and Soft services Departments exist to enhance the inherent requirement for Practical Aspects and Component of our Training and skills development Department. The School offers Dedicated and Product Specific Training to facilitate and enhance the Development and Production of Chiller Technicians, Controls Technicians and BMS Technicians who will be able to compete in both local and global HVAC & R Industries and Market Segments in which demand exist.

It will cater for the Commercial and Industrial segments of the industry serving upcoming and existing Apprentices, Assistants, Artisans, Technicians and Graduate Engineers, Operations Managers, Facilities Managers, Asset Managers, Consulting Firms, Engineering Managers, Project Managers, Project Technicians, Maintenance Planners, Maintenance Engineers, Plant Engineers, Line Managers, Supervisors, Financial Decision Makers, Non Technical Personnel, Colleges, University of Technologies and Traditional Universities, Research, Small and Medium Business Enterprises to mention a few.

This will broaden the appalling and narrow career path existing within the HVAC & R Commercial and Industrial segments where domestic segments are not able to expand and compete equally for the rich pool of available opportunities. It will bring career path clarity and sensitisation to the demand which exists for professionals in the HVAC & R Systems Analysis, Design, Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Maintenance, Service & Repairs associated with These plants.

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Address: 19 Burger Road, President Park, Midrand, 1682