In-Depth Product
Specific Training

As mentioned, there are many excellent generic training programmes and qualifications on HEVAC&R in South Africa, and all of them provide a well-rounded framework on which to begin building a career in this field.

However, the products, systems, equipment, networks and makes offered in this space are so varied, and make use of so many different, proprietary technologies and components, that having a generic qualification or certification is not sufficient to becoming a professional or expert in any particular system etc. For this reason, in-depth product specific training, offered by vendors, experienced professionals and experts is critical to ensure that systems operate optimally.

Basic user training on HEVAC&R systems is not adequate to develop globally competitive skills and talent. If a failure occurs, you typically call a technician to resolve the fault. “A technician with only a holistic and generic knowledge of the system will likely assess the fault on a trial and error basis, which results not only in time wasted, but may also mean that the issue is addressed symptomatically, rather than being assessed from the root cause.

A technician who has received the appropriate product specific training will have a proper understanding of the problematic unit(s) and will be able to address the fault at its root cause, eliminating the possibility of return calls and repeat failures. It is also imperative that technical training remains current and up to date, in line with new product updates and releases.

In-Depth Product Specific Training is an essential part of offering proper after-sales servicing of HEVAC&R units; however, the value of vendor support to provide on-site technicians with support, be it online or telephonic is not to be underestimated. SA SCHOOL OF CHILLER PLANTS endeavours to add another realm of value to the service offering to ensure that trained, competent and qualified personnel become aware of the wider career path available to them within our industry world-wide. Also repairs, installations, and other technical services will minimize downtime  and ensure best results.

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